Work clothes, kids clothes, uniforms and more!

Work clothes, kids clothes, uniforms and more!

Monogramming adds a personal touch to a garment by allowing the wearer to add their own initials to their clothing, thus making it their own. Some common pieces that are regularly monogrammed are shirt cuffs, pockets, shirt plackets, jackets, key fobs and uniforms. Tote bags and backpacks are also common places for monogramming to appear.

Parker's Workwear in-store monogramming

Whether you're buying new work overalls for your job or a new camo jacket for your nephew's birthday, monograms add a personal touch that also lets people know who you are. Monogramming isn't limited to any set amount of letters, even though typical monograms include just three initials. At Parker's, we can monogram your initials, your name or even a nickname. The flexibility and level of quality that Parker's offers is unmatched. What is especially important to remember is that we are able to offer monogramming on materials that other embroidery companies may not be able to: heavy duty denim, canvas jackets and more.

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Parker's is located at 414 North Broadway in Jennings, LA. Come by the shop and check out your options for monogramming your work shirts, overalls, kids clothes and more. We look forward to seeing you!